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At Scandic Dental Care we advise our patients of which treatments are available under the NHS and which can be provided on a private basis.

This way our patients can make an informed choice. Your treatment plan will include in detail all the discussed options.

On the day of your dental examination, we will ask you to sign a treatment plan and give you a copy to keep.
Common Dental Treatments
available on the NHS

· Crowns and removable appliances (dentures)

· Dental abscesses · Prevention care
(fissure sealants and fluoride treatment)

· Orthodontics (referrals)

· Root canal treatment

· Scale and polish

· Tooth extractions

· Permanent fillings

Dental Treatments
not available on the NHS

The NHS will provide treatment that is clinically necessary

if you choose to have an alternative treatment you will be charged privately for example:

Cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening.
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