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Private Dental Services

Scandic Dental Care
Private fees
The prices listed are estimates only

you will receive a detailed treatment plan before any treatment will commence.

For full list of private treatment please consult your dentist.
Private fees
Examination (inc. X-rays) £35.00

New patient examination (inc. X-rays) £50.00

Hygienist scale & polish per visit £45.00

Amalgam fillings from £50.00

Composite (white) fillings from £60.00

Extraction from £80.00

Root canal treatment from £400.00

Veneer from £250.00

Porcelain crown from £300.00

Bridge (price per unit)from £275.00

Extraction from £80.00

Metal framed denture from £450.00

Flexible denture (Valplast/Nylon)from £450.00

Mouthguard/Sportsguard from £25.00

Home whitening from £150.00
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