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  • Treatments

    At Scandic Dental Care we advise our patients of which treatments are available under the NHS and which can be provided on a private basis.

    This way our patients can make an informed choice. Your treatment plan will include in detail all the discussed options. On the day of your dental examination, we will ask you to sign a treatment plan and give you a copy to keep.

    Common Dental Treatments available on the NHS:

    ·       Crowns and removable appliances (dentures)

    ·       Dental abscesses

    ·       Prevention care (fissure sealants and fluoride treatment)

    ·       Orthodontics (referrals)

    ·       Root canal treatment

    ·       Scale and polish

    ·       Tooth extractions

    ·       Permanent fillings

    Treatments not available on the NHS:

           The NHS will provide treatment that is clinically necessary if you choose to have an alternative treatment you will be charged privately for example: Cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening.




    During your dental check-up with one of our dentists you may be advised to visit the hygienist.


    This is a private treatment costing £55. £20 deposit is required at the time of booking.


    We require 24 hours cancellation notice for hygienist appointments or you will be charged £20 despite not attending.


    Don’t underestimate the difference a
    hygiene clean can make!          

    *        We provide a friendly and caring hygienist service here at Scandic Dental Care for both adults and children. Our hygienist is experienced in treating nervous patients.

    *        Eliminate dreaded staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking as well as hard plaque build up that could be damaging your teeth and preventing you from cleaning them properly!

    *        Help control harmful bacteria under the gums that could lead to tooth loss.

    *        Currently having orthodontic treatment? Having trouble cleaning around those pesky brackets? We can clean braces and offer advice on how to care for your teeth and braces at home.

    *        Learn lifelong cleaning habits to make a difference in the way you look after your teeth at home.


    Talk to your dentist of reception about booking your hygiene appointment today!



  • You are entitled to free NHS dental treatment if, at the start of your treatment you:

    ·         get or are included in an award of someone getting:

    -Income Support

    -Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance paid on its own or with contribution-based Jobseeker’s allowance

    -Income-related Employment and Support Allowance paid on its own or with contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance.

    -Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit) paid on its own or with Pension Credit (Savings Credit)

    -Universal Credit

    ·         are entitled to, or are named on, a valid NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate

    ·         are named on a valid HC2 or HC2W certificate (an NHS Low Income Scheme certificate).


    If you are not exempt you will need to pay a contribution towards your treatment costs as per the bands below: (Correct as 25-03-2019 and is liable to change)


    The NHS treatment bands:

    Emergency dental treatment - £22.70

    Band 1 course of treatment - £22.70

    This covers full examination and diagnosis (inc. X-rays), advice on prevention, scale and polish (if clinically needed) and preventative care such as fluoride varnish or fissure sealant application.

    Band 2 course of treatment - £62.10

    Includes everything listed in Band 1 plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal treatment or tooth removal.

    Band 3 course of treatment - £269.30

    Covers everything listed in Bands 1 and 2 above, plus crowns, dentures, bridges, and other laboratory work.

    Payment policy

    After each visit, patients are asked to pay for the treatment carried out to date. In some cases a deposit may be required.                     

  • Private fees


    Scandic Dental Care


    The prices listed are estimates only,

    you will receive a detailed treatment plan before any treatment will commence.


    For full list of private treatment please consult your dentist.

    Private fees

     Examination (inc. X-rays) £35.00
    New patient examination (inc. X-rays) £50.00
    Hygienist scale & polish per visit £45.00
    Amalgam fillings from £50.00
    Composite (white) fillings from £60.00
    Extraction from £80.00
    Root canal treatment from £400.00
    Veneer from £250.00
    Porcelain crown from £300.00
    Bridge (price per unit)from £275.00
    Extraction from £80.00
    Metal framed denture from £450.00
    Flexible denture (Valplast/Nylon)from £450.00
    Mouthguard/Sportsguard from £25.00
    Home whitening from £150.00
  • Welcome to Scandic Dental Care

    At Scandic Dental Care, we believe in building long-term trusting relationships with your dentist and hygienist.

    Once you have become a registered patient at Scandic Dental Care, we will try to ensure that you see the same dentist on each visit.  However, if not possible for any reason, suitable alternative arrangements will be made for you to see someone else within the practice. Our objective is to make each your visit a positive experience and we are working very hard to provide a warm, friendly and caring environment for our patients.

    We have ground floor facilities available.  The car park is available for all our patients with disabled badge holders as a priority.    

    It is important for you to attend all of your scheduled appointments.  Every patient has a responsibility to either keep their appointment or notify us in good time to cancel the booking. Please be mindful that we are a very busy practice and your appointment can be offered to another patient should you not be able to attend. Repeated failures to attend could result in being de-registered from the practice.

    We try to accommodate the needs of those patients whose first language is not English. The languages spoken at Scandic Dental Care include English, Farsi, Finnish, French, Gujrati, Hindi, Portuguese, Punjabi, Swedish and Urdu.


    We value your opinion: we appreciate patient feedback and use it to improve our quality of care.


    We look forward to meeting you.


    SCANDIC DENTAL CARE TEAM                                                                                                                      

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  • Privacy Policy

    This privacy policy sets out how Scandic Dental Care uses and protects any information that you give when you use this website. The practice is committed to complying with the Data Protection Act 1998, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), GDC, NHS and other standards. The practice only keeps relevant information about employees for the purposes of employment, and about patients to provide them with safe and appropriate dental care. The person responsible for Data Protection is Dr M Rahimian. Our legal basis for processing data is: Consent Processing is necessary for the performance of our care for patients And the health care data we process is called special data, our legal basis for processing it is: "9(2)(h) – Processing is necessary for the purposes of preventative or occupational medicine, for assessing the working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis, the provision of health or social care or treatment or management of health or social care systems and services on the basis of Union or Member State law or a contract with a health professional." Hard copy and computerised records are stored, reviewed and updated securely and confidentially. Records are securely destroyed when no longer required. Confidential information is only seen by personnel who need to see it and the team are trained on our policies and procedures to keep patient information confidential. To facilitate patients’ health care, the personal information may be disclosed to a dentist, doctor, health care professional, hospital, NHS authorities, HMRC, the Benefits Agency (when claiming exemption or remission from NHS charges) or private dental schemes of which the patient is a member. In all cases only relevant is shared. In very limited cases, such as for identification purposes, or if required by law, information may have to be shared with a party not involved in the patient’s health care. In all other cases, information is never disclosed to such a third party without the patient’s written authority. All confidential information is sent via secure methods. Electronic communications and stored data are encrypted. All computerised clinical records are backed up and encrypted copies are kept off-site. No information or comments about patients are posted on social networking or blogging sites. Criminal record check information is kept securely in a lockable, non-portable storage cabinet with access strictly controlled and limited to persons who need to have access to this information in the course of their duties. Data Breach The practice has appropriate procedures to ensure personal data breaches are detected, reported and investigated effectively, including procedures to assess and then report any breaches to the ICO where the individual is likely to suffer some form of damage, e.g. through identity theft or confidentiality breach. The practice will report serious data breaches to the ICO within 24 hours of becoming aware of the essential facts. The practice will keep a log of all personal data breaches and record the basic facts, effects of the breach and remedial action taken. Subject Access Requests Patients and team members can have access to view the original of their records free of charge. Copies of patient or team member records are provided following a written request to Dr M Rahimain using the ICO Subject access request template, 5] Radiograph copies are charged at the current cost of taking x-rays at the practice. The requested copies will be provided within 40 days on receipt of payment. An employee or a patient may challenge information held on record and, following investigation, should the information be inaccurate the practice will correct the records and inform person of the change in writing. When the request for information is about the personal data of a child, the practice will consider if the child is mature enough to understand their rights. If they do, then the practice will consider responding directly to the child rather than the parent. If it is decided that the child is not mature enough to understand their rights, and there is some doubt about parental responsibility, proof of identity and evidence of parental responsibility will be requested. The practice will update its privacy notice to ensure its gives information in a language that can be understood by a child on any processing of children’s personal data. When the practice receives a third-party request for information on someone else’s behalf (e.g. from a solicitor) evidence of their permission will be requested, this could be a written authority to make a request or a power of attorney. When the practice receives a third-party request for information for a patient who lacks the mental capacity to manage their affairs the practice will ask to see evidence of a Lasting Power of Attorney or the evidence of appointment by: The Court of Protection in England & Wales; This policy should be read in conjunction with the Confidentiality Policy and the Information Governance Procedure. Consent for Marketing When we obtain consent for marketing such as email marketing, this consent is specific, granular, clear, prominent, opt-in, documented and easily withdrawn. We have a system used to record consent and implement appropriate mechanisms in order to ensure an effective audit trail. Deleting Personal Data Our procedures for deleting personal data in electronic or paper format are detailed in the Record Management Policy. If not related to necessary clinical or employment records we will delete personal data.